I eat whole food, grow a variety of food and herbs, and also own chickens & a backyard Garden. Eating naturally is so vital to your health! Growing your own garden is an time-tested system like no other. A Garden allows anyone to have and grow their own fresh food, no matter where or how they live - for a fraction of the cost. It is the science of photosynthesis in plants which helps your body heal and grow.

Buying from your local grocer, means you are likely paying for fruits and veggies that were picked green & before they were ready. It gives it time to ripen on the way to your market shelves. Even farmers markets want to sell you ripe - not overripe foods! The products in the marketplace, which are picked too soon, lack the phytochemicals plants gain from the sun. Then when you eat them, YOU lack nutrients your body needs.

You can gain wholefood nutrients with natural supplements or have it straight from the vine at its peak freshness with a year-around garden - indoor out out! I have found great success with this in my life and with my family. It just takes water, dirt and nutrients to grow your own veggies - inside your house, apartment, garage, or on a porch or deck in a container! Use the resources around you and feed your mind, body & soul!

Here are some links to get more info on these things. You can order one or more of these products for yourself.

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A Ride and A Guide




Studying naturopathic medicine for over 20 years & going into my graduate program next year at the National School of Natural Medicine, has allowed me to offer this service as personal coaching.

Our family knows about healthy eating - because we've tried it and know it works! However, healthy living goes beyond just eating healthy. Life changes can happen at a cellular level - and natural medicine means getting what our bodies need to thrive not just survive. I believe that traditional western medicine helps, but the natural (non synthetic) stuff is better. I have learned there are natural products which work quickly to repair cells.

This was my humble beginnings in nutrition and what changed my perspective on the way we live and eat, in my own family. It is also why I decided to pursue a business and holistic health education and I continue to seek healthy products & solutions that support wholistic nutrition. My own familiy and I go to a Naturopathic Physician for our health care and would highly reccommend them to anyone.


I believe there is only miracle product out there. God gave us all we need in nature - capturing the essence of that "manna" through science & technology is why God gave us brains and the wisdom to use what we gain in knowledge. I believe in natural medicine and have seen results!

I know what natural cures have done for my family and the wholistic health of others I coach, so I keep "cures" to disease close and use that knowledge when needed. I also know what fresh food and adaptogens taken on a regular basis, does for people too. 

A few supplemental products I promote openly is Mannatech, and Moonjuice. Whole food products bridge a gap with our food and help stimulate our immune systems. Cells are damaged and destroyed by all the empty foods we eat and chemicals in our food and atmosphere today. We know we can't stop breathing or eating and we certainly do not get enough whole food in our diets anymore. This is why we need our gardens and whole food supplements daily. Vitamins and minerals are needed by every human to maintain balanced health and weight. We will always look for something easy to add to our daily routine, but as common knowledge dictates we prefer it to be completely authentic, safe, and all natural! For health, weightloss, pain, and overall wellness - these companies have the stuff we all need and none of what we don't!


Change is possible for anyone attempting improve on anything; the trick is knowing what these changes are or should be!  I work with my clients to educate & help them to identify changes and tweaks that create long-term impact.  I listen and help them to analysis their activities and notice the small things which are prohibiting them from moving forward or that could be improved.  

With agreed goals and actions put in place, I continue to work with my clients to hold them accountable for what they have agreed to do.  I am not a shouty coach; I do not tell my clients off if they haven't done the thing(s) they have agreed to do.  If there is something which hasn't been done, I will work with them to identify what is getting in the way of it being done to work out a way to move forward.  

If you're looking for a ruthless coach, you've basically "barked up the wrong tree".  If you are looking for someone friendly, insightful and warm, yet professional and results orientated; one who will get to know and understand you and the way you do things; then help you to identify realistic and sustainable improvements and changes you can make...then I can definitely help.  Whether it's a practical change or a more psychological one, I am highly adept at dealing with both.  I am also passionate about helping others in every area of their lives. 

Yes - believe it or not, we are marriage coaches too! We truly can help you make the transition smoother...from single life to married one!

Contact me today! There's  really no time like the present to get started - make a difference in your life!