“BUTTERFLY Coach has helped me improve my business organization and personal health - I appreciate the help more than you know!”

Val Barker


(Windy or covered)

2015 Jeep Wrangler

Pacific Northwest style

(Seats six & ALL the luggage!)

2017 Toyota Tundra

RV adventures

(For happy campers!) 

2018 Thor Freedonm Elite


A RIDE - Traveling for business or fun? Do you want to be escorted in true Pacific Northwest style? Perhaps you just need a ride to and from the airport, want to tour our tasty Willamette Valley wineries, or to head IN A BEAUTIFUL RV out to camp on the beach or in the woods?

Then BUTTERFLY Coach is perfect for you! Our transportation service offers reliable travel, privacy, and complimentary Internet connectivity so you can work on the go. Don’t worry about getting where you’re going – our coach gets you where you want to be! 

A GUIDE - Perhaps you need business advice, consulting, or looking to make some personal changes in your life. Maybe you have areas you want to get better organized. Could you use a professional upgrade on your professional or personal life? An improved way of thinking to set solid goals and stick with them, could be what you need. A coach can guide you through the steps to help improve your way of working and thinking.

If your interests are in this kind of  guidance, then BUTTERFLY Coach can help you too!


“BUTTERFLY Coach is the only way I travel. I use them every time!”

Sal Nistico

A Ride and A Guide

Our Fleet

Butterfly Bug

(Turbo power & heated seats!)  

2016 Volkswagon Beetle